Open Reading Results!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We had an amazing year for submissions at Gold Wake Press. We had well over 400 manuscripts this year. So, while we had to pass on SO SO SO (we can’t emphasize this enough) SO many excellent books, we have six that are going to knock your socks off:

Erin Stalcup – Every Living Species
Glenn Shaheen – Carnivalia
Luisa Muradyan Tannahill – American Radiance
Eileen G’Sell – Gently Now, the Revolutions
Franky Frances Cannon – The Highs and Lows of Shape-shift Ma and Big-Little Frank
Coco Picard – TSK (for 2019)

Congratulations to them, and congratulations to our finalists and semi-finalists!


Amorak Huey – Boom Box
Justin Robert Lightfoot Bigos – Midnight Peripatetic
Sarah Anne Strickley – The Collapse
Marcus Pactor – Begat Who Begat Who Begat
Michael Robins – Match
Cheluchi Onyemelukwe Onuobia – The Supreme Prize
Noah Falck – Exclusions


Meg Eden – Drowning in the Floating World
Paul Brooke – Toxic Wolves
Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis – Teatime in Heaven with Crazy Ladies
Alban Fischer – Fake Moon
Nikki Zielinski – Crawl
Ryan Mooney – A Swift Decline
Lesley Wheeler – Abandoners
Melissa Wiley – When Bread Rises
Gwen Goodkin – Mass for the Shut Ins: Essays, Letters and a Bite of Stew
Annie Stenzel – The first home air after absence
Brandon French – If One of Us Should Die, I’ll Move to Paris
Monica Berlin – Little Room, Small Ground
Aaron Baker – Posthumous Noon
Michael Credico – Heartland Calamitous
Micah Bateman – Civil Servants
Sean Patrick Hill – Twilight in the Mind-Field
Sarah Kain Gutowski – Fabulous Beast
Michael Marberry – Savage Euphony
Jonathan Dubow – THE BOOTH
Jeffrey Morgan – Epileptic Godhead
Vic Sizemore – A Roof of Knuckles
Nicholas Regiacorte – American Massif
Taylor Collier – The Lubbock I Carry
Sara Greenslit – Pathographies
Brian Clifton – Muzzle
Kim Magowan – Undoing
Annah Browning – Witch Doctrine
Anatoly Molotkov – Interventions in Blood
Gary Peter – Oranges
Nicole Santalucia – The Book of Dirt

Thank you, thank you to everyone who submitted and supported the press. What a joy to read all this work!

And to everyone in the world, please send us work through our Submittable page during our next reading period, which will be during March next year!


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